About the Author

Inchara A U Athreya has completed Grade 12 from Excel Public School, Mysuru. She is the Vice President of the Board of Directors and Co Director of Conference Planning at Simply Neuroscience – an international student-led non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering students’ interdisciplinary interests in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

She writes a series of poems called Brain Ballads. It aims to simplify psychological ideas in a manner that is easy for anyone to comprehend, even if they have no background in the subject. The essence of each concept is conveyed through short, relatable poems. The poems range from effects like Bystander Effect all the way to disorders such as Insomnia. This started out as an Instagram page and online blog. In December 2020, she released her first book with 18 poems.

She has completed online courses in Politics and Debate from Oxford Scholastica Academy, Social Psychology from Wesleyan University, Introduction to Psychology from Yale University and Behavioural Genetics from the University of Michigan through Coursera to fuel her interest in Psychology. She has volunteered at the SVYM Palliative Care Unit, Mysuru under an able counsellor, Ms. Divya Mohan. She has also taken part in various workshops organised by Fortis Mental Health.

She works as Coordinator of GIC Workshops and RIC Clubs at Funderland where she helps find ways to make learning Grammar fun for kids and helps them develop skills such as reading, writing and public speaking.

She is a member of Junior Academy, New York Academy of Sciences where she has worked on projects related to Green Transport, Covid-19 and Telemedicine. She has also been the CEO of Excelerate, School Science Club and Sports Captain of her school.