Bystander Effect

What would you do if you saw someone lying on the ground, unconscious? Pretty simple, right? You would rush to their aid.

You may be surprised to hear that studies have found that you help only when you feel directly responsible for the person in trouble. In the presence of other individuals, you tend to believe that someone else will help. The catch is, with everyone lost in the same loop of thoughts, at the end of the day, nobody helps.

The story of Kitty Genovese is a very unfortunate and disturbing one. On her way home from work, Kitty was abused and stabbed to death. Although there is speculation as to the exact number of people present, there were around 40 people who did almost nothing to help. Unbelievable, right?! Well, most of us would have done the same.

Studies have shown that just mere knowledge about the Bystander effect can make a difference and turn you into a more impulsive helper. I hope this will stay in thoughts and the world will become a place filled with proactive individuals, not bystanders.

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